Sunday, September 1, 2013


Located on a hill immediately behind the vegetable wholesale stalls is the Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens.
Major G. S. Carter, D.S.O. (Toby Carter) a New Zealander employed with Shell Oil Co. (Borneo) initiated the building of the Memorial in 1962, together with the launching of Kinabalu Park; to commemorate the 2,428 Australian and British prisoners who died during World War II at the Sandakan POW camp, and the casualties of the three infamous forced death marches from Sandakan to Ranau. It also serves as a tribute to the many local people who risked their lives while aiding the prisoners of war. Only six Australians survived in this tragedy to tell their horror and there were no English survivors.

This place would probably take you 30 minutes to cover as they are surrounded with a few sections. There is a small fee at the entrance that is collected to maintain this historic site.

Main entrance to War Memorial and some picture inside it.

Inside War Memorial view.


 Reflection pool and pergola

 Australian Garden

Some picture been taken in War Memorial Kundasang.
- New Zealand, Australia & Britan Flag.

 One of the plaques inside.
Out Look from the top of War Memorial Kundasang.

Opening hours
Open daily from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Maintenance fee
MyKad holders: RM2.00
Others: RM10.00

Mr. Sevee Chararuks : +6019 899 2041


One of the best places to visit while you are traveling at Kundasang Ranau, Sabah. It is one of the Subsidiaries of Country Group of Companies is wholly owned by the state government of Sabah, Malaysia. For who are staying at Mt. Kinabalu or hotels around Kundasang, it's take 30-40 minute to reach there.

View at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm Kundasang.
The weather was so cold and fresh air. On the way to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, you can see nice scenery, beautiful and clear from Mt. Kinabalu.
The best time to visit the farm is around 2:30 pm as Milking session is starting at 3pm every day. You cans see all the Cows are lining up waiting for Milking.
Cows are queuing up ready for milking.
At the stage on milking. Friesian Cattles are reared in this farm to produce around one million litters of high quality fresh milk annually.
Fresh milk available and ready for the distribution.

Entrance fees for adult: RM 2.00
Desa Cattle (Sabah) Sdn Bhd
Mesilau Highland, Kundasang, Ranau

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I'm lucky because in my country got the biggest flower and its call the Rafflesia .. 
Its in Sabah ( Land Below The Wind ) .. While you go to Poring Hot Spring Ranau, don't forget to drop by to see this biggest flower by yourselves . The place is near the Poring Hot Spring Park ... :D

Mt. Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia

View Gunung Kinabalu masa dalam perjalanan dari Kundasang Ke Ranau ... (:
Agak lama sy tak update blog ni .. bz sangat dengan kerja seharian .. selepas 3 tahun baru sy update blog sy ni .. skarang sabah petang ja mesti hujan so kepada rakan2 yg datang ke sabah aturlah percutian anda ya.. takut bila smpi sabah nanti tak dapat jalan2.. lebih baik kalau mau ke mana2 biarlah awal pagi sebab dkt sabah ni awal sejam dr masa dekat KL ... 6 pagi dah terang .. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Poring Hot Spring

Welcome to Poring Hot Spring Sabah, Malaysia.. Here some picture to share with you all.. After view, dont forget to plan to come here k.. :) enjoy...

My Journey at Kundasang to Poring Hot Spring..

View Kinabalu Mount from National Park HQ

Timpohon Gate is the begining for all climber to climb Kinabalu Mount.. Here some picture taken by Firdaus aka bob.. I already reach at the top of Kinabalu Mount on 1 December 1999.. :)

Sungai Mengkabong View...

Salam,.. Suda lama sy tdk post apa2.. Kepada sesiapa yg selalu mengikuti perkembangan blog ini, THANK YOU SO MUCH... Kali ni sy ada banyak barang bagus mau shared dengan kamu semua.. Sy tinggal di K.Kinabalu tp baru sy sedar rupa2nya ada benda yg dekat dengan k.kinabalu tapi tidak sedar tentang kecantikan dan keindahan tempat tu.. Baru2 ni sy jalan2, tengok2 kalau ada apa2 yg menarik.. Sy terpegun dan tertarik dengan pemandangan tempat ni.. Sesiapa yg tinggal dekat area sepanggar @ tuaran mesti selalu lalu di tempat ni.. Nama tempat ni Jambatan Mengkabong.. tengoklah pic yg sempat sy ambil time lalu d sana...